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Record Player Needles for Magnetic record players!

Record player Needle for Ceramic/Crystal record players.

Are You tired of shopping around for a replacement record player needle or cartridges or maybe this is your first stop. Well, look no further! We have the answers!  We stock hundreds of needles for just about any make or model record player. Many universal cartridges are also available.

Record Player Needles

needle, record player Record Needle replacements available! We have 1000's of original and universal record needles. Available for both stereo and mono phonograph applications. All speeds 16/33/45/78 are also currently available. We make it easy to order needles for replacing  your worn out or non-functioning originals. Magnetic and ceramic needles alike. Let us find the right needle for your player by filling out our needle request form. (Click here)

Record Player Cartridges

We stock many universal replacement phonograph cartridges. Standard P-Mount, Tetrad, and our FC cartridges. They are all new with Zero play time on them. Premium quality! For more in specifications visit the individual cartridge pages listed below.

P-Mount Style Record Player Cartridges

P-mount style cartridge The Audio Technica AT3472p and AKAI RS-53 are superb replacements for all magnetic P-Mount style cartridges. Both come with a new needle. Use these to replace cartridges on phonographs equipped with J-mount holders. You can also convert your phonograph or record players tone arm to use theses cartridges by purchasing the J-mount  kit sold separately. Click here for more information.

Tetrad Record Player Cartridges

Tetrad cartridges. These cartridges were mainly used in the 1970's and 1980's on a wide variety or brands from Admiral to Zenith. A very popular cartridge in BSR and V-M Phonographs. Replacement record needles for these are also available.


FC Record Player Cartridges

FC cartridge with new needle. The FC152 & FC160 are a quality generic universal replacement stereo cartridge that come with the needle and can be adapted for many different record players and phonographs. They can replace many obsolete, hard to find or costly cartridges that were used in the 1940's through the 1980's. They are manufactured with quality in Japan, Awesome sound quality - crisp highs and thumping lows, these have it all. (click here)

Do you need help with repair?

We specialize in phonograph and record player repairs and restorations. Both new and old! We service all makes and models and use original factory replacement parts when possible. If you want to play your records again and relive the past, give us a call, we can help. Or visit our online repair pages for more information.
Sluggish operations?   We can fix it!
No platter movement?   We can fix it!
Garbled/poor audio?   We can fix it!

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