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RCA 45's for sale

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These RCA 45 rpm record players would make excellent Gifts.

History of the RCA 45 rpm record player

Most players offer these great features but click on the pictures to see more specific information on the player of your choice.

bulletNew cartridge - FC 160 type or FC152 type - installed!
bullet45 rpm speed - Calibrated!
bulletNew motor mounts
bulletNew line Cord
bulletRefurbished Motor
bulletNew Idler wheels - not resurfaced!
bulletStack 8-10 records at a time
bulletHand polished case.
bulletGuaranteed to cycle change every time


RCA Victor 45-EY-3  Item#45EY3   Only- $668.00

RCA Victor 45-EY-26  Item#45EY26   Only- $560.00

RCA Victor 45-EY-2  Item#45EY2   Only- $520.00


RCA Victor 45-J-2 Item#45J2  Only- $440.00  

RCA Victor 45-EY  Item#45EY 

Only- $585.00

RCA Victor 45-J   Item#45J

ONLY $460.00

RCA Victor 9-JY   Item#9JY

 ONLY $460.00

RCA Victor 7-EY-1DJ   Item#7EY1DJ

      ONLY $525.00

*Guarantee applies to unit or units sold with implied warranty against any defect or flaw in workmanship, including parts and labor for a period of 91 days from date of sale.  1 year warranty on tubes installed for electrical defects only. Broken tubes are not covered under this policy. Damage occurred during any shipment is not covered under this policy and should be claimed against shipping company under provisions provided by insurance.

Click here for information on getting your own unit serviced.



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