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RCA 45 record player repair.

Do you have an RCA 45 player or phonograph like any of the ones pictured below and need to have it repaired? If your RCA 45 player or phonograph is in need of some work, we are here to help. We have repaired hundreds of these record players including those serviced at other facilities. We also have many restored 45 players available for purchase. 
RCA 45 record player     phonograph, quick cycle     45EY3 player.

Use with your home stereo style     Childrens model, Slow cylce   

We service all models of the RCA 45 rpm record players. Even ones not pictured here. 

What problems are you experiencing?

bulletWill not cycle - auto changer models
bulletWarbling audio
bulletHumming audio - amplifier models
bulletDistorted audio
bulletSlow speed
bulletNeedle doesn't touch record
bulletLow/No audio
bulletWill not drop records
bulletPlatter will not spin
bulletUnable to play 8 records

We can correct any and all of these problems and then some.

If you have been looking for someone to service your player, then look no more. For the past 50 years, we have serviced and repaired hundreds of these 45 rpm players - all makes and models including Crescent and Decca since 1962. At FYLP, the RCA 45 rpm player has become one of our most often requested repairs and sellers. Each repair is handled with the same great care and put through our strict quality assurance program before it leaves our facility by going through a 22 point inspection. Just a few of the things we watch out for is warbled or shrilly audio and proper tone. Our goal is 100% satisfaction 100% of the time. Don't settle for a unit that may function ok by playing a stack of records but sounds horrible to listen to. If it is not enjoyable to listen to your music then what's the point? So if you have had your player repaired at another facility, well... don't give up hope, we can even fix those players as well.

Please be aware - We do not cut corners and only offer a professional level of service utilizing the finest parts available in the industry. In our strive for perfection we are constantly looking for new and improved parts and methods for repair. 

To better suit the different needs of our customers, we offer 2 different approaches to service. 

Basic Service to make the record player operational, reliable, safe and sounding great.

Complete Service to not only make the record player operational, reliable, safe and sounding great but also looking the best that it can.  specialize in fixing and repair 

Cost will vary from unit to unit. Please email for a price quote.

If you need a new cartridge for your RCA 45 rpm player, (more likely than not!), we recommend using our FC160 

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History of the RCA  player

The 45 RPM record was developed by RCA Victor company in 1948 - immediately following the invention of "vinyl" plastic and the development of the 12" LP record by CBS engineers (also in 1948). The 45 RPM speed was the only one to be decided by a precise optimization procedure. The optimum use of a disc record of constant rotational speed occurs when the innermost recorded diameter is half of the outermost recorded diameter.  

To market their format against the currently "reigning" 78 RPM, RCA released a series very low priced 45Early Fast Cycle RPM only players in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Some of the 45 rpm players pictured above were sold in the early 1950s and were equipped with a ceramic cartridge and an "RCA" jack - also "invented" at the time! Some of the models above did not RCA Phonograph Input Jack, Television include an amplifier or speaker but were meant to be plugged into the corresponding female RCA jack on an RCA radio or TV - and use that product's amplifier and speaker. There were two types of changers produced, A fast change cycle and a slow change cycle. The fast change model would drop a new record and set the tone arm down on the record in one revolution of the record player. The platter was made of heavy cast metal, this was needed to keep up the momentum during such a fast cycle change. The slow change cycle models however, would do the same cycle in a more graceful two and a half revolutions of the record player. The platter was made of plastic making it lighter and more transportable.


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