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TETRAD Cartridges




TETRAD CartridgesPhonograph cartridge tetrad record player

These popular tetrad phonograph cartridges were mainly used in the 1970's and 1980's on a wide variety of record player brands. From BSR to Zenith.  

We currently have 3 types to choose from. Yellow, Red, and Gray. Use the cross reference chart below to see which one you need.

Your Cartridge Socket Color


Cartridge Price $ 


The output voltage specifications for these tetrad cartridges are as follows:

bulletBlue - .29 volt output - No longer available use Gray!
bulletGray - .22 volt output
bulletRed - .15 volt output
bulletYellow - .15 volt output

The only difference between the colored tetrad cartridges is the output voltage . Everything else between them is identical.

New cartridges come without needles! Use your existing needle or ask for a new needle and a spare when placing your order needle.
Our tetrad replacement needles are of top quality construction. They have metal shanks instead of plastic and come in both diamond and sapphire tips. 

Accessories available for Tetrad Cartridges 

Phonograph needle for tetrad cartridgeReplacement Needles
bulletSteel shank
bulletRubber boot
bulletDiamond & Sapphire tips
bulletLP .7mil & 78 3mil tipped (side shown)
bulletWe have many versions of this needle available.
bulletHighest quality needle available. 

$34.95 each    Order Now!


tetrad needle guardNeedle Guards
Protect your new/old needle with this inexpensive needle guard.
It simply clips on to the cartridge for 100% needle protection.

$.75 each

Order Now!


tetrad mount or holderCartridge Mounts
Sometimes parts get misplaced or broken! Use this tetrad cartridge mount to replace broken or lost mounts.

$7.00 each

Order Now!


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