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Antique Radio Repair

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Antique Radio Service

The antique radio and phonograph repair center at FYLP,L.L.C. has been providing quality antique radioOver 40 years of antique radio service repair and restorations for customers worldwide for over 40 years.  We repair every brand of vintage radio from very rare and priceless antique units right down to the popular and more sentimental units. Whether it's a Zenith, RCA, Philco, Admiral, Crosley, Airline, or even GE.  To us every vintage piece is priceless, regardless of  size, shape, or brand. Using our extensive old radio schematic library our trained technicians can repair virtually any old, vintage or antique receiver made from the early 1900's to the late 1970's. We are confident your radio can be repaired and restored back into operation for your enjoyment again. We also repair foreign made radios as well, Blaupunkt, Telefunken, Norelco, and Grundig. Let us breathe new life into your radio. Click on the services link to the left for more information on antique repair.

Antique Radio Repair

Roberson Museum Our professional level of service has gained us much accreditation locally asBroome Historical Society well as nationally. We have performed many antique radio repairs and restorations for local museums and historical societies in addition to providing authentic restored radios and phonographs used in movies, plays, exhibits and displays. We at For Your Listening Pleasure have been meeting and exceeding the high demands required by establishments such as these for many years. In addition, we have  provided many antique radios, vintage televisions and antique phonographs that were featured in local and national exhibits including; the movie Liebestraum and "The Collectors Guide to Antique Radios" books, and the Sertoma million dollar antique show. Take advantage of our high level of expertise offered to the public. Browse our website, and see what we can do for you!  For a detailed list of our antique radio repair procedures please visit our antique radio repair page by using the services link to the left to see what we can do for you. One of our latest radio-movie venture includes "The Lost City" staring Andy Garcia,  Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murray. "The Lost City" is a Cuban love story that takes place in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950's. We were happy to be able to supply authentic pieces used in the production of the movie set. 

Record Player Repair

We also specialize in phonograph or record player repair. Including all makes and models, from high end precision phonographs to children's basic record player models, including the very popular  RCA 45 rpm players. While most repair centers won't even look at record players, we actually look forward to seeing them. Most of the time they are such a joy to work on. If you have a record player in need of fixing,  visit our record player repair page. Or click here Record player repair.  If you just need a needle, we carry replacement record player needles. Click here - Record player needles

IPod Connector Cable - $48.95 

Connect your iPod to your vintage German tube radio and play all your favorite songs through the warm sounds of your vintage tube radio. 3.5mm to 3 pin DIN.  Click here for more info.

Antique radio surge protection

Islatrol power line filters offer the original Active Tracking technology to guard against commonly occurring, but very damaging, lower energy transients and offers excellent noise reduction. Islatrol Plus and Islatron combines rugged, high energy current diverters with the Active Tracking Filter to provide protection against the full spectrum of voltage transients and surges. Click here for more information

Antique Phonograph Repair

Do you have an old antique wind up phonograph that plays the old cylinder or flat 78 records? They can also be repaired for you at our facility. Floor models to table top models, complete restorations are available as well as basic servicing. 

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Winter Closing: Please Note that we will be closed Friday February 13th - Tuesday February 17th as well as Thursday February 19th. If you have any questions during that time frame please call or email as we are still reachable by phone and email. Thank you for your business!!

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We are located in the beautiful hills of upstate New York. Click on the contact link above for the complete mailing address

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