Antique radio schematic diagrams available for immediate shipment:
  • Antique radio schematics
  • TV schematics
  • Phonograph schematics

antique schematics 1Working on an antique radio, old TV or vintage phonograph? Having a schematic diagram can make a world of difference when trying to repair that family schematic diagram heirloom or treasure recovered from a garage sale. If you are not familiar with how to read a schematic diagram, that’s O.K., just having a parts list alone can be a tremendous value all by itself, especially if parts are missing or incorrectly replaced by someone else.
See our antique schematic symbols page to help you understand and read the schematic diagram symbols.

We have schematic diagrams available for just about every make and model antique radio, phonograph or television, with well over 250,000 prints in stock, Printed from Rider’s books, and

We are one of the few dealers who have so many of the original manufactures data books, complete with antique radio schematics, given to their authorized technicians for repair.

Information for late model sets (TV and radio) 1980 – to current are not available. (Example: RCA Stereo-1988 model or Zenith TV – 1990 model) due to copy write laws. All requests for these manuals will not be answered.

Check out these awesome features:
  • Full 11″X17″ zoom of schematic. – Most schematics are published on a 8½”x11″ sheet of paper. We enlarge the schematic to a full 11″x17″ for easier reading
  • Parts List.* Not always available, but a wealth of information worth having.
  • Alignment instructions.* Most also have dial string, and dial alignment.
  • Voltage measurements.* Used for troubleshooting.
  • Resistance measurements * Used for troubleshooting.
  • Chassis parts placement pictures* Invaluable for repairing a chassis previously worked on .
  • Wiring diagram.* Use this feature to correct miss-wired sets. It happens! People sometimes make mistakes.
  • Trouble shooting.*

If available, a small amount of manufactures did not make this information available to service dealers. We will send all information available.


Radio $20.00 & UP
Television $40.00 & UP
Shipping $7.50
Shipping outside USA $email for quote

We guarantee all schematics diagrams and manuals to be as good as the original print. We use a professional copier machine, not a flatbed scanner.
Our motto is: If we can’t read it, neither can they.

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