Remember the days of vinyl records, or even bakelite and cylinder records? Remember the record players? It’s hard to find these products today. We have an assortment of used turntables for sale, from early vintage units to late models. With record players ranging from basic to very complex high end models. Since this inventory is consistently changing, please email us to inquire about used turntables or phonographs for sale. We will do our best to keep this page fresh and current often. Below are just a few record players that we have to offer.

Dual 2NEW
Dual 4NEW
Dual 5NEW
Pioneer 1NEW
Pioneer 4NEW
Pioneer 5NEW
Technics 1NEW
Technics 2NEW

Please consider repair of existing turntable or record player. If you are interested in just 45 rpm players please click here.

Most all of our used turntables record players and phonographs are in working order. If stated, every turntable has been fully bench tested for proper speed control, sizing, audio output and any other special features that the individual unit may offer. We also check to ensure a good needle under 20x magnification. Be assured only excellent quality record players or turntables will be sold. Each record player is cleaned and polished for great looks.

If you already own a phonograph, perhaps your looking to have one restored, we can repair most all phonographs and turntables, no matter what make or model. We specialize in RCA 45 rpm record players.

Check here for the RCA 45 rpm used turntable phonographs.

For your listening pleasure provides quality repair and restorations to virtually all make and models of phonographs and record players. Our level of service extends well beyond just making theses units work, having performed thousands of repairs, we have the expert knowledge and understanding of how these units function and operate for perfect performance.

Looking for a replacement needle? We have many original replacement record player needles and cartridges in stock