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1933 Philco Cathedral Radio; The Logistics

One of our featured radios this month is the 1933 Philco tabletop cathedral radio model 71B. This particular model had many variations including seven cabinet styles. There is the 71B featured in this post, the 71L which was a lowboy type model, a 71H which was a highboy, the 71D which was a highboy that included dual-speakers and doors. Then there was the 71X which was a console radio with an inclined soundboard, the 71LZ which was a chairside console radio and the 71 also came in a grandfather clock.

The cost of this radio at the time it came out was $46.50 which today would be $893.74. This radio was manufactured by the Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Battery Company in the United States of America. This radio us a year 1932/33 and is categorized as a broadcast receiver or past WW2 Tuner. The unit has 7 tubes a 44, 36, 44, 37, 44, 42, and 80. This particular unit is a Superhet with RF-stage and the ZF/IF is 260 kHz. This is a broadcast only radio, it doesn’t carry any other wave bands. The loudspeaker is an Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil).

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