1940 Zenith Behind the Scenes

So far our June Radio of the Month has gotten a lot of exposure; we gave some fun facts when introducing the radio, we did a blog post on the industry logistics of the radio, our Twitter page featured a video capturing the sound quality of the radio, our Instagram featured our Etsy listing of the radio and had fun fact updates! But what about the behind the scenes footage?!? All of our customers get to see the end product, a beautifully restored vintage radio with working electronics and original exterior displays. What is even more beautiful than the end product though is the process- seeing what the radio looked like before and how it has been transformed is absolutely stunning! So this blog post is dedicated to “behind-the-scenes” of how this radio was restored!

Zenith Cabinet Restore 1

Here is the original cabinet. Some clients prefer for their units to, as we say, “wear their history”. However we chose to take this beauty back to its original glory. We do not do any dipping in our stripping process. Our master furniture maker does the stripping by hand.

Zenith Cabinet Restore 2

The cabinet has been hand stripped and is ready for a finish. Prior to beginning the finish process, much research is done to verify original colors to keep the integrity of the restoration. Many times when a unit arrives in our shop it has previously been painted, or even restored using the incorrect materials and colors. It is our passion to provide accuracy and integrity in each of our restorations. The progress seen here is already a vast improvement and we are well on our way.

Zenith Cabinet Restore 3

Ta-da! The cabinet is restored to an original beauty featuring the Zenith luxurious walnut finish with hand painted pin striping. It is amazing what a little tender love and care can do to a unit. Looking at this cabinet you can see the craftsmanship. There are so many dimensions to this cabinet and our master furniture maker brings them out beautifully. Take a minute to really look at the colors and textures of this piece.

Zenith Cabinet Restore 6

While the cabinet is undergoing its transformation, the technicians are busy working. They completely restore the radio, “seeing eye” and work on detail pieces; such as the escutcheon, knobs/buttons and new labels. Once our technicians are finished and the cabinet is ready, the fit and finish work gets done. The electronics are put back inside, the escutcheon and knobs are put back on and the grill cloth replaced.
What you are left with is the beauteous end product and a true example of craftsmanship!