Beautiful Insides

IMG_4401This month’s Philco radio is beautiful on the outside so we thought we would take a moment to tell you how beautiful it is on the inside. Similar to last month’s Industry Logistics blog post we are going to tell you what tubes the radio has, what broadcast wave bands it uses, and manufacturing information.


This radio is a wooden console radio; if you want more information about the console radios see our blog post here. This model is a 38-610J but there was another model made of the same radio that was a tombstone style. This model was manufactured in 1937/38 in Philadelphia, PA at the Sgt. Batt. Company.

This radio is categorized as a broadcast receiver or a post WW2 tuner- if you want to see a blog post on WW2 tuners and/or broadcast receivers leave a comment below. This specific model has 5 tubes a 6A8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6F6G, 5Y4G. The reception is a super-heterodyne IF 470 kHz and has 2 short broadcast wave bands. This radio runs off of an alternating current supply (AC)/115 volt. It has an electromagnetic dynamic LS speaker using a moving coil with field excitation coil.

IMG_4394Any information you want to know about our 1938 Philco Radio? Comment on what we should feature on our blog or social media next! Stay tuned for more information on our “Radio of the Month” and check out our other social media accounts as well linked below!