Train Wreck

Fixing Others Mistakes

It is our mission here at FYLP to restore the radios and phonographs that come through our doors back to original as much as possible.

When you are considering where to send your unit in for repair, we urge you to do your homework.

Our technicians have spent the better part of this week working on a two different pieces that had been at a repair facility prior to being sent to us.  One may just classify them as train wrecks.

People with good intentions that feel they have a little understanding of electronics often take on projects that are over their heads.  This leaves the customer and some times friend, disgruntled and upset and still without a working unit.

We often get desperate phone calls from folks who have tried to have their radios or turntables repaired by a local handyman or someone they found that could do it ‘cheap’.  They are calling us because the unit does not function, the person had it for over a year and could not find the right parts or did not have the knowledge to do the repair in the first place.

Chasing down and repairing the previous work on a radio or turntable is time consuming and costly for you, the owner.  Not only are you already frustrated, but you are out whatever money you spent the first time around.

Do yourself a favor and send them to us first.  You may have to wait a bit, our prices may be a smidgen higher because we are a brick and mortar business with employees to pay. But our quality and experience far outweighs the time and cost issues  and we guarantee our work.

FYLP Restorations
Since 1962