July Radio of the Month


I hope everyone had a fun Independence Day weekend! It is now officially July, which means it is time for another Radio of the Month! Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey to choose this month’s radio. The radio that received the most votes was the 1938 Philco Radio! Check out our Etsy listing of the radio here.

This 1938 radio, model number 38-610J, is referred to as the 610 Baby Grand. The 610 console was actually from the 1937 season however, this particular model’s console was actually from the beginning of the season so June 1936! There were roughly 48,200 of these radios made (this number also includes 1936 models 37-38J and 37-610J).

This radio has been fully restored from the electronics, cabinet display and grill cloth replacement. This radio has also been equipped with an auxiliary cord so you can plug in your modern sound devices such as your iPhone or MP3 player.

This unit has been equipped with:
• A new grill cloth that allows for better sound quality
• A restored chassis (rust removed, polished, and electronics fixed)
• New capacitors and tubes
• A wood cabinet that has been completely hand stripped and refinished
• New handmade label replicated from original

This month we will be posting information about our “Radio of the Month”; fun facts, industry information about the radio, behind the scenes images of our restoration process, etc. Leave a comment with the information/facts you want to know about this Philco 1938 Radio. To purchase the July radio of the month visit our Etsy shop at HERE or email us at jessica@everythingradio.com for more information. Come back to our blog to find out more on the July radio of the month our 1938 Philco!