March Radio of the Month

Introducing another Radio of the Month! This month we are featuring our newest addition to Etsy, a 1934 Wards Airline model 562 A 103. This radio was manufactured by Montgomery Ward & Co. in Chicago, Illinois under the brand Airline in 1934. This particular model can be confused as the cathedral style because of its sometimes rounded edges but it is technically defined as a tombstone radio. The radio is described as a decorative, upright table model in addition to being a tombstone style.


Our model has been completely restored from the electronics to the wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinet has been completely stripped and refinished.

Electronically our full restoration included:

  • All capacitors replaced
  • All tubes have been tested
  • Controls have been cleaned
  • Tuner has been lubricated
  • Bad wiring replaced

This unit has been bench tested and received a full alignment. In addition to re-calibrating and replacing parts a new power cord has also been issued to the unit.


Logistically speaking, this model radio is a broadcast receiver with 7 tubes. The wave bands that this model receives are broadcast, police, and sometimes early TV. It works on an alternating current supply between AC/115 Volt.

This month we will be posting information about the 1933 Wards Airline Model 562 A 103, our “Radio of the Month”. To purchase the March radio of the month visit our Etsy shop at ETSY or email us at FYLP email for more information. Come back to our blog to find out more on the radio of the month throughout March!