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Our Favorite Test Vinyls

At For Your Listening Pleasure we are constantly testing our units to check repaired sound quality. There are units constantly playing music throughout the workday, so the choices of what is played becomes a spectacle some days. Depending on the album chosen all employees could be found singing along to the tune. Sometimes you will hear half of us groaning over the repeated sound rolling our eyes at whoever chose to play that album… again.   

Testing record players allow the employees to play some of their favorite albums from our personal shop collection. Having started as just some extra records laying around, FYLP’s vinyl collection has expanded tremendously. We thought we would share FYLP employee’s favorite picks from our shelf and why we love these albums!


Here is Chad, shop owner and lead technician. He is holding an actual test record that is used for alignment and testing purposes. Chad says another favorite vinyl album of his is Dire Strait’s 1982 album Love over Gold because of the first song Telegraph Road.

“The song is great for hearing and diagnosing tiny nuances the unit may have.”





James, is our other shop technician! He loves to keep things interesting with his choice of music. He prefers Def Leppard; his favorite is Gods of War by Def Leppard!







Here is Jessica “secretary/ shipping and receiving manager” A.K.A the shop mother! She is holding her favorite album Uncaged by Zac Brown Band. She loves their country genre that has an island feel.





Do you have any suggestions on vinyl albums we should add to our collection? What are some of your favorite albums in your collection? Leave your comments on our social media!