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Radio of the Month: 1940 Zenith Radio

Here at For Your Listening Pleasure LLC. we restore radios and phonographs to their original vintage glory. Our technicians can do everything from repairing the original internal electronics to restoring the outside cabinet making it look brand new. As we grow our retail inventory has also grown exponentially. We found that people do not realize our retail location only our service location. That being said our owner had the brilliant idea to do a monthly featurette on our retail inventory; a “Radio of the Month” if you will.

This month we are featuring our 1940 Zenith 10-S-464 radio. This radio has been fully restored from the electronics to the cabinet restoration. This radio features the original vintage electronics and exterior display. When you purchase this radio it will be in the same condition as it would have been in 1940. Check out our Etsy listing of the radio here.

This unit has been equipped with:

  • A new grill cloth that allows for better sound quality
  • A restored chassis (polished and electronics fixed)
  • New capacitors
  • Tubes tested
  • A wood cabinet that has been completely hand stripped and refinished
  • New hand done pinstriping
  • New function labels replicated from original
  • Restored escutcheon

To kick off June’s radio of the month here are five fun facts:

  1. The “Big Black Dial” found on this model is consistently sought after by collectors
  2. This model was originally manufactured in Chicago, Illinois
  3. In 1940 this unit was originally sold for $79.95 which amounts to $1,350.73 today
  4. Zenith is the leading radio brand for both exterior looks and audio
  5. This model features Zenith’s luxurious walnut cabinet finish

This month we will be posting information about our “Radio of the Month”; fun facts, industry information about the radio, behind the scenes images of our restoration process, etc. To purchase the June radio of the month visit our Etsy shop at or email us at for more information. Come back to our blog to find out more on the June radio of the month our 1940 Zenith!