Antique radio repair - Made easy!

repairguideHere it is! The NEW Antique radio repair guide we have been anticipating bringing to you. This information packed 9 page repair made easy guide was created by our professional technicians to assist you in your antique radio repair at an inexpensive low cost.

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We at For Your Listening Pleasure enjoy antique radio repair, and have offered a professional repair service for well over 50 years now. We have serviced and restored thousands of antique radios and gained great knowledge with each radio repair. Even though we offer a professional service, we have seen the growing desire by you, the public, for help and assistance in radio repair for yourself. It is for this reason we have created the “repair made easy” repair guide especially for you! Designed with an easy to read format, this guide can be used by everyone, even if you have no electronic background at all. Simple easy to follow steps that you check off after completion. While most radios can be repaired with the use of this guide, not all radios will be able to be repaired using this repair guide. Some radios may have very strange, multiple and hard failures which may require professional service.


Some of the key features you will find inside are;
  • Easy to follow steps
  • Tool Box check list
  • Known high failure parts
  • Safety tips
  • Super low price!
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FYLP Restorations
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