SOLDTechnics SL-D35 Plays 33's/45's: $220.00 Plus Shipping And Handling.


Technics SL-D35 plays 33's/45's: $220.00 plus shipping and handling.
SOLDTechnics SL-D35 Plays 33's/45's: $220.00 Plus Shipping And Handling. 017 9jy IMG 813075 IMG 807020

Restoration Destination

All of our newest projects are phonographs! Did you know that we are a radio AND phonograph restoration destination? Try saying that ten times fast!

Although we feature “Radios of the Month” we actually do service phonographs as well. Recently phonographs AKA record players have become a growing trend. All generations are coming in to have their phonographs fixed. Today it is hard to find a record player repair facility, most repair shops won’t even look at them. We have fortunately been in this business for 54 years and have a library of information to our disposable as well as an impressive parts inventory.

Since 1962, we have been performing record player and phonograph repairs and it has now become one of our specialties. Our technicians are highly trained to repair antique/vintage pieces and take great pride in their work. They continually strive to provide the best quality repairs possible which has brought a lot of experimentation into this facility.

Many times our technicians cannot find a specific part and are forced to create them. With the wonders of the 21st century we are able to work with hand molding knobs, creating outer displays with Computer Aided Design programs (CAD) and use 3D printing expertise to help us produce the most authentic restoration.

We understand how record players work- the gearing, the timing, the need for precision alignment and a good cartridge and needle for proper audio reproduction. Most of the time record players can be repaired with little to no problems at all even if you were told otherwise somewhere else. However, extreme circumstances can lead to an un-repairable unit. Turntable parts are getting harder to come by, as previously stated, and recreating a part can become costly depending on what needs to be done. We don’t usually refuse a repair unless we think it would be more cost-effective for you to just purchase a new unit.

Repair costs can vary substantially. Every record player and/or phonograph work with the same basic principle in operation however each model and brand is very different and unique. For example: some units have an external amplifier while others do not; some units have one idler (tire) while others could have four. Trying to give one price for servicing is not possible or fair which is why we perform an estimate on every unit and consulate with you before working on it.

Fear not though! Even though every model/brand is different we do not discriminate! We say if they made it we can repair it! Some models we repair include Acoustic Research, ADC, Admiral, Airline, AKAI, Arvin, Audio Industries, Audio King, Bell Sound, B.I.C., Birch, Blaupunkt, Bogen, BSR, Brother, Bulova, Capehart, Columbia, Craig, Curtis Mathes, Decca, Diamond, Dual, Dumont, DYN, Dynamic, and so on all the way to Zenith!

Thinking about sending us a phonograph? Stop into our shop at 368 Clinton Street Binghamton NY 13905 for an estimate! Not from the area? That is okay too- we do restorations worldwide! Check out our shipping page for more information on how to get it to us safely.