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Scott’s TV/For Your Listening Pleasure- Our History

In 1962 Scott M. Phillips Sr. transformed his hobby into an out-of-home business while still working his day job; thus Scott’s TV was born. Scott M. Phillips Sr. and his wife Sue Phillips started running their TV repair and restoration business from home. When they landed a success with their at-home business they were forced to expand and they moved into 368 Clinton Street in 1972- the same location we do business from today.

“People would keep asking us-‘won’t you please do a radio’, we’d kind of shy away from it. Then we started to realize a lot of people want these repaired” Scott said in an interview from 1988. Scott met the demand with supply and started his second business For Your Listening Pleasure that was dedicated to the restoration of antique radios, televisions and phonographs that operate with electronic valves (tubes) or mechanical reproducers manufactured from the early 1900’s thru early 60’s.

In an article featuring Scott’s TV /For Your Listening Pleasure from 1989 the reporter calls Scott a die-hard for his restoration process. Scott restored both the cabinet and the electronics equipment with authentic parts throughout; Scott was one of the few who pursues restoration as a full-time business. He is noted as taking pride in his thoroughness and that is something that has been passed down to his son who now owns the business.

In 2009 our company rebranded and made For Your Listening Pleasure a Limited Liability Corporation and the focus of our business. Our parts inventory, immense schematic library and learned knowledge made our restorations the most sought after. Just as the company has continued to do throughout the years, we adapted to the customer’s wants. Our customers raved about our restorations and kept asking for them so we decided to focus only on repairs and restorations for antique radios and phonographs.

We became known for our “painstaking precision, with bedraggled antiques limping in and operational, gleaming models marching out” as put in our newspaper feature from 2013. Since we have been in business for 40+ years we have gained a strong group of loyal customers who continue to bring their antiques to us for repair. We match their loyalty with our own bringing in a strange array of “fixer-uppers” that we do for them. We see jukeboxes, Victrolas, arcade games, pinball machines, Edison gramophone, and once an antique talking doll!

In memory of our founder and previous owner Scott M. Phillips Sr. we continue to do business with his priorities at our fore thought. Customers have always been and continue to remain our focus, we take pride in anything we do from inspecting tubes in a unit to an entire restoration, and of course we always match innovation with traditional. We continue to match our customer’s demands with a supply always taking the utmost pride in our work to ensure perfection for our customers. When it comes to roadblocks in finding authentic vintage parts to repair with Scott always bred innovation in creating what was needed- a thought process we still use in our work today.

We have the utmost respect for our founder and so do our customers who have been afforded the chance to do business with him. Today we pay tribute to his brilliance with this trip down memory lane and all the greatness he brought to this company on the anniversary of his passing.


In Loving Memory of

Scott M. Phillips Sr.