While FYLP has been in the electronic repair business since 1962, we have been specializing in antique radio, repairs for over 35 years. Repair and restorations are services we perform every day and we love doing. Utilizing today’s technology married with yesterday’s craftsmanship, we are confident you will find no other restoration facility of equal value to you. We have performed thousands of repairs and restorations on radios of all shapes and sizes. From the priceless heirloom, the very rare antique to the very basic radio, we will work on them all. Let us show what we can do for you!

Are you more of a Do-it-yourselfer? Try our antique radio repair guide.

“Radio was the catalyst of imagination. One could do literally anything through this medium. By leaving the imagination to the listener, radio became a realm of possibilities. It was in this environment that the unthinkable occurred.”
(Old Time Radio)

Level 3

Basic servicing / repair to the radio, we use this level to get the unit in Safe Working Order Only. This service includes:

  • Test all tubes, replace only the necessary tubes found to be weak below operational minimums as set forth by test data.
  • Replace all audio and signal Capacitors
  • Replace or repair only necessary components found to be unsatisfactory.
  • Line cord replacement – if necessary.
  • Lubrication to dial string path and all pivot points.
  • Dial pointer and station alignment.
  • Precision alignment to chassis for optimum performance from your radio. (i.e. Station selectivity, Increased reception…)
  • Basic removal of dust from chassis.
  • 2 days full bench test.

We recommend this repair level for radios that are in very good condition already and require very little or no cosmetic work.
Also use this level if you plan to restore the cabinet and chassis yourself and do all of the cosmetic work.

The same Atwater Kent radio above restored to level 2.
Results will vary from radio to radio.

Level 2

Intermediate servicing / repair to the radio, used to get the unit in working order as well as Detailing To The Chassis. This service includes everything in level 3 plus:

  • Hand cleaning to chassis to remove dirt and debris.
  • Hand cleaning to the dial and dial face.
  • Attention to detail

We recommend this level for radios and phonographs that have cabinets in very good condition, or you plan to restore the cabinet yourself.

The same Atwater Kent radio above restored to level 2.
Results will vary from radio to radio.

Level 1

Premium and Museum quality servicing to the radio or unit, used for a complete restoration to the chassis and cabinet. These services include:

  • Chassis is restored the same as Level 3 and 2.
  • Cabinet is restored, refinished and detailed.
  • Dial facing is detailed.
  • Knobs are cleaned detailed and made sure to be correct.
  • Exact line cord replacement, or as close as possible.
  • Grill cloth restored/replaced if necessary.
  • Escutcheon restored.
  • Station tabs replaced (If available on your radio)
  • 2 Days full bench test.
Repair & Restorations

All restorations come with a 30 day warranty on parts & service, 1 year warranty on new tubes installed.

Pricing for restorations varies greatly from radio to radio. Some units are very basic and have very few parts while others are complex with many parts. Factors such as the condition or how well the unit has been cared for will also affect final pricing. Send us your radio or phonograph in order to evaluate your radio for a price of repair, your radio will be assessed by a technician. There is a charge of $95.00 for this estimate and diagnostic service. Please email for more information.