Congratulations on your decision to ship your audio equipment in for repair. The most critical stage in the repair process is the packaging and shipping of your radio or phonograph.  Use this page to help in preparing your antique/vintage audio equipment for shipment to be serviced. You may wish to Print this page and refer to it as you prepare your unit.

Please be sure to submit the Client Information Form at the end of this page.

Taking adequate time to properly and sufficiently pack a vintage table radio before shipping, is well worth the time, effort, and expense. It will also help prevent the heartbreak that inevitably comes, when a one-of-a-kind set has been inadvertently damaged during shipping. Cabinet damage is tragic enough, but a broken dial glass can be irreplaceable. When that happens, there’s simply no turning back the clock. Remember…“It’s not just a radio, it’s history you can use.” – Your Past, Your Future, Your Now

Materials Needed

Boxes x 2 (see instructions below)
Packing/Strapping Tape.
Foam Peanuts.
Bubble Wrap.
Extra Cardboard.

To properly pack and ship a vintage tube radio or phonograph:
  • Measure your unit- Length, Width and Height.  Locate a sturdy box that is approximately 8 inches large than your unit on all sides. (Once unit is bubble wrapped you’ll need at least 4″ of space, surrounding the top, bottom, and all sides.)
  • Place Small or loose parts in bags and label them.
  • If applicable: remove loose tubes from chassis, wrap tubes in newspaper or bubble wrap and include them with your shipment.  Be sure all remaining tubes in the radio are secure and not loose.
  • To prevent scratching the cabinet you may want to bundle the power cord and/or antenna wires using rubber bands or twist ties, then wrap in bubble wrap or place a zip lock bag around them.  DO NOT: Use tape to secure these items.
  • Carefully place enough bubble wrap to loosely fill any large cavity inside the set. Do not try to pack so tightly that things will get broken by either inserting or removing bubble wrap.
  • Older radios with 3 or more wires connected to the speaker, will require the speaker to be shipped as well, as it is part of the power supply.
  • Check all chassis mounting screws. Make sure they are there (Not Missing) and tight. A loose chassis will most always damage your radio during shipment. Shifting may occur and the dial glass or other delicate parts might get broken.
  • Turn all tuning dials to the low end of the band. For example, tune the AM band so the pointer is set to – 550kc) Unless dial string is broken.
  • Fill the area in front of the dial glass with just enough bubble wrap to make it flush with the front of the cabinet.  Cut a piece of cardboard large enough to cover the entire front and place in front of dial glass area for extra protection, secure in place with shrink wrap. DO NOT: Use tape to secure the cardboard.
  • Wrap the entire unit in bubble wrap. Top, Bottom and Sides. As you wrap the unit consider marking the top, that way you avoid placing it in the carton upside down. DO NOT: use excessive amounts of tape to secure the bubble wrap.  A little goes a long way.
  • Line the bottom of the carton with 3-4″ of packing peanuts.
  • Insert the unit with the top end up. While gently pushing down, shake or vibrate unit to settle into place.
  • Fill sides and top with packing peanuts and or bubble wrap, making sure the unit does not have room to ‘float’ around during shipment.
    DO NOT: Use clothing, blankets, your recyclables, newspaper or pillows in your packaging.  These items are not suitable for shipping and will not be kept or returned.
  • IMPORTANT! Submit the Client Information Form on this page And/Or insert an envelope with your name, address, phone numbers, including daytime and evening numbers, and email. Describe any problems you have noted with the radio or phonograph
  • Seal the box with packing/strapping tape.
  • Mark the top as: TOP or This Side Up!
  • For the Double box method, use a second box 3″ larger than first box. Line bottom with 3-4″ of packing peanuts and insert first box.  Again, gently push down and shake or vibrate 1st box to settle into peanut bed. Fill sides and top.
  • Seal the box with packing/strapping tape.
  • Print and tape these 3 labels on the outside of the box.
    (Click here) – Fragile, This End Up!, Handle With Care!
  • Insure your equipment for a minimum of $300.00 Keep in mind, a radio that arrives damaged, will not be covered by shipping insurance, if the carrier’s claim department determines that it was inadequately packed.  Please see your carriers website for proper shipping and packing.
  • Ship to:
    368 Clinton Street
    Binghamton NY, 13905

Client Information Form

Sending something in for repair? Please take a minute and send us this form. Thank you for choosing FYLP Restorations for your service needs.

If the following apply to you:

  • You are using a Packaging Center to package and mail your unit.
  • You have purchased your unit from E bay or another online marketplace and they are sending it directly to us.

Feel free to print these instruction out and take them with you.  Most facilities have little to no experience shipping vintage/antique radios and or turntables.

Thank you for choosing FYLP Restorations for your service needs.  We will contact you once your unit arrives.

This page is intended to assist you in the proper packaging of your radio or phonograph for shipment. It is not intended to warrant or guarantee against damage. You must use your own discretion when preparing your unit for shipment.

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We use UPS, Fed Ex, USPS and International Parcel service.  We also work with couriers to assist you with your larger and/or more personal items which require white glove treatment.  Please call for courier information.

Please also see the UPS shipping guide for additional packaging information.