Congratulations on your decision to ship your record player, turntable or phonograph in for repair. The most critical stage in the repair process is the packaging and shipping of your unit.  Use this page to help in preparing your antique/vintage audio equipment for shipment to be serviced. You may wish to Print this page and refer to it as you prepare your unit.

Materials Needed:

  • Boxes x2 (see instructions below)
  • Packing/Strapping Tape
  • Foam Peanuts
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Extra Cardboard

To Properly Pack and Ship a Vintage Phonograph, Turntable or Record Player:

DO NOT PLACE TAPE of any kind  onto your record player, in most all cases it ruins the finish when removing. Some good items to use for securing: Rubber bands, String, Twist ties and Zip ties. All of these can be easily removed with minimal risk to damaging your record player.

  • Measure your unit-Length, Width and Height.  Locate a sturdy box that is approximately 8 inches larger than your unit on all sides. (Once unit is bubble wrapped you’ll need at least 4″ of space, surrounding the top, bottom and all sides.)
  • Place Small or loose parts in bags.
  • Remove loose tubes if applicable from chassis and pack tubes wrapped in bubble wrap in a second carton.
  • If your record player has a floating deck (mounted on springs) you will need to secure the deck down (firm) by using the shipping screws provided by the manufacturer of the record player. Turning Clockwise will allow the deck to float free and be “bouncy”.holdownholdown2
  • Turning these deck screws Counter Clockwise will allow the screws to rise up and secure the deck down, causing the deck to be firm and ” Not Bouncy” This is how you want the deck to be before shippingholdupholdup2
  • For models without these screws provided by the manufacture, use shrink wrap  to secure the deck from bouncing during shipment.  A floating deck not secured down could be damaged.
  • Secure the tone arm to the tone arm holder. Every model is different in how this is done. Some have their own clip provided by the manufacturer.
  • Place the needle guard on the needle if you have one or if applicable.
  • If your Tone arm has a balancing weight at the rear of the arm, place some bubble wrap under the weight to help support the weight during shipment. Do Not Over Do It, you just need to help support it.
  • DO NOT SEND YOUR DUST COVER – unless it needs service.
  • Wrap the entire unit in bubble wrap. Top, Bottom and Sides. As you wrap the unit consider marking the top, that way you avoid placing the unit in the carton upside down; not a good thing for any radio or phonograph.
  • Line the bottom of the carton with 3-4″ of packing peanuts.
  • Insert the unit with the top end up. While gently pushing down, shake or vibrate unit to settle into place.
  • Fill sides and top with packing peanuts, making sure the unit does not have room to ‘float’ around during shipment.
  • IMPORTANT! In an envelope, put your name, address, phone numbers, including daytime and evening numbers, and email. Describe any problems you have noted with the unit.
  • Seal the box with packing/strapping tape.
  • Mark the top as: TOP or This Side Up!
  • For the Double box method, use a second box 3″ larger than first box. Line bottom with 3-4″ of packing peanuts and insert first box.  Again, gently push down and shake or vibrate 1st box to settle into peanut bed. Fill sides and top.
  • Seal the box with packing/strapping tape.
  • Print and tape these 3 labels on the outside of the box.
    (Click here) – Fragile, This End Up!, Handle With Care!
  • Insure your equipment for a minimum of $300.00 Keep in mind, a unit that arrives damaged, will not be covered by shipping insurance, if the carrier’s claim department determines that it was inadequately packed.
  • Ship to:
    For Your Listening Pleasure
    368 Clinton Street
    Binghamton NY, 13905