Turntable Repair & Record Players

Today it is hard to find turntables or record players, or even a repair center that can fix a turntable or record player. Most repair centers won’t even look at them, and if they do, they only end up making matters worse. Well, search no more!

We have been performing turntable repairs for 35 years now. We have trained technicians coupled with the right parts that make for successful repairs. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide the best quality repairs possible. We understand how turntables work, the gearing, the timing, the need for precision alignment and a good cartridge and needle for proper audio reproduction. You can trust us to get your record player or phonograph working correctly again. See our RCA 45 rpm turntable repair / record player repair page as well. Looking for a used turntable?

Answers to common questions for turntable repair:

What models do you service?

Acoustic Research, ADC, Admiral, Airline, AKAI, Arvin, Audio Industries, Audio King, Bell Sound, B.I.C., Birch, Blaupunkt, Bogen, BSR, Brother, Bulova, Capehart, Columbia, Craig, Diamond, Dual, Dumont, RCA, Technics, and so on…all the way up to Zenith. If they made it, we can repair it!

How much will it cost to repair my record player?

While every turntable has the same basic principle in operation, each model and brand is very different and unique. For example: Some units have an external amplifier while others do not. Some have only 1 drive idler (tire) and others can have 4 or more. Therefore, one price for servicing is not possible or fair. We evaluate each turntable here on site individually before any price quote is given.

My turntable has been at another shop and they said it can't be fixed. Is this true?

Most of the time turntables can be repaired with little or no problems at all, however, extreme circumstances can lead to an un-repairable unit. Keep in mind, turntable parts are getting harder to come by, and will only get harder as time goes by. But for now, most every turntable and phonograph can be serviced!

Are You tired of shopping around for a replacement turntable needle or cartridges?  We have the answers!  We stock hundreds of needles for just about any make or model turntable. Many universal cartridges are also available.

Turntable Needles

TetradNeedleTurntable Needle replacements available! We have 1000’s of original and universal record needles. Available for both stereo and mono phonograph applications. All speeds 16/33/45/78 are also currently available. We make it easy to order needles for replacing  your worn out or non-functioning originals. Magnetic and ceramic needles alike. Let us find the right needle for your player by filling out our needle request form. (Click here)

Antique radio restorations

zenith5S29For Your Listening Pleasure has been providing quality antique radio restorations for over 15 years. We work on every brand from very rare and priceless to the popular and sentimental units.

Thank you for visiting our website! We look forward to working with and hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, that’s what we are here for. Enjoy!