I wanted to convey how pleasant it has been to do business with you.

When I finally got my turntable out of it’s 25 year storage to use it to burn CD’s for all my 200+ albums, I was extremely disheartened to find it did not function. Where to turn? Nobody repairs turntables anymore (my grand-daughter didn’t even know what a turntable was!) A search locally got me nowhere. I then searched the Internet, and found you. I placed a call to your number and was greeted by a female voice. The lady was very friendly and answered my questions knowledgeably and made SURE I was going to package it correctly.

I sent it in. Your return calls acknowledging you had received it and for more information about the history of the turntable were appreciated and made me feel much more comfortable. Now I am in receipt of the turntable and it works perfectly! I shouldn’t have worried!

I HIGHLY recommend For Your Listening Pleasure for anyone with a turntable problem. Thank you very, very much for your wonderful service.