I think you should put the following on your website:

In the summer of 2008 your firm undertook a massive restoration of a massive Grundig Majestic music system consisting of a 46″ wide cabinet, tuner with short wave, am and fm and a phonograph. The restoration was lengthy and, since you only get what you pay for, costly. At the end I had returned to me a late-1950s music system in museum condition, including an entirely re-lacquered cabinet, complete removal of all the old working parts, replacement of almost-impossible to find bulbs — in short, the works. In addition, just this past month your company devised an ingenious system whereby I am able to run a 300-disc CD player through the Grundig, or, if I choose, to switch over so that I can play my iPod through the Grundig. In short, you performed magic on an ancient but beautiful Grundig system that has now been upgraded to 21st century standards without sacrificing the beauty of the old system and sound. My thanks to you, you are the very best there is!!