I was very pleased with FYLP Restorations.  The repair was done in a very timely fashion and the cost was reasonable and the machine is performing well.  I couldn't have been more satisfied.
"Repair exceeded my expectations.  Price was more than reasonable."
"Received good suggestions and ideas concerning my project.  Felt the shop was very patient in listening to my questions and wants.  Restoration was completed just as I envisioned or better." ~ Bill 2015
"Your quality of work is amazing.  Will keep sending turntables to you.  Rick Dale is very pleased with your work, as I am.  Thanks a million." ~George Thurston/Rick's Restorations
Thanks Scott! For doing such a great job repairing my Micromatic Magnavox. It sounds amazing!
I have had 7 radios repaired by you and I have been very satisfied in every case. I do recommend you to others.
Very pleased with my radio! Did a wonderful job!
There's no comment that can express how happy we are for the work you did on our radio/record player.
Thank you for your kindness, your company totally refurbished my fathers 1962 stereo. He states it now looks and sounds as good as the day he bought it. He and my family enjoy it again and it brings back precious memories.
Mr. Phillips, I just wanted to tell you that the Technics SL-1900 turntable that you repaired for me is working great. I am so pleased that you were able to fix my turntable. Having it repaired was the best thing I did all year. It's performing great. I recently purchased four new albums and I look forward to many years of great vinyl playback nirvana! Thanks again for everything.
I wanted to convey how pleasant it has been to do business with you. When I finally got my turntable out of it's 25 year storage to use it to burn CD's for all my 200+ albums, I was extremely disheartened to find it did not function. Where to turn? Nobody repairs turntables anymore (my grand-daughter didn't even know what a turntable was!) A search locally got me nowhere. I then searched the Internet, and found you. I placed a call to your number and was greeted by a female voice. The lady was very friendly and answered my questions knowledgeably and made SURE I was going to package it correctly. I sent it in. Your return calls acknowledging you had received it and for more information about the history of the turntable were appreciated and made me feel much more comfortable. Now I am in receipt of the turntable and it works perfectly! I shouldn't have worried! I HIGHLY recommend For Your Listening Pleasure for anyone with a turntable problem. Thank you very, very much for your wonderful service.
Hello Scotty, Just wanted to let you know that my wife absolutely LOVES the restoration you did on her radio! It looks and sounds terrific and is back in it’s place in our kitchen where it gets “oohs and ahs” from everyone that sees it. Great job and thanks again.
I think you should put the following on your website: In the summer of 2008 your firm undertook a massive restoration of a massive Grundig Majestic music system consisting of a 46" wide cabinet, tuner with short wave, am and fm and a phonograph. The restoration was lengthy and, since you only get what you pay for, costly. At the end I had returned to me a late-1950s music system in museum condition, including an entirely re-lacquered cabinet, complete removal of all the old working parts, replacement of almost-impossible to find bulbs -- in short, the works. In addition, just this past month your company devised an ingenious system whereby I am able to run a 300-disc CD player through the Grundig, or, if I choose, to switch over so that I can play my iPod through the Grundig. In short, you performed magic on an ancient but beautiful Grundig system that has now been upgraded to 21st century standards without sacrificing the beauty of the old system and sound. My thanks to you, you are the very best there is!!
My father passed away unexpectedly last Christmas Eve and that has so much sentimental value—I still remember when my parents gave me that 1976 Sears record player in 1976; I remember you said it would be a tough one, but you figured it out beautifully! I was happy to pay the many hundreds to get that restored. I thought of you last night when I used it.